Praise-based management

Spiral Up International Representitive   Kunio Hara

The representitive Kunio Hara

I believe in people's ability

I believe in the power of people. I'm sure even you did once. Actually I'm sure you still do.



Disagreement from the moment we met

On a record-setting hot summer day in 2010, I met the manager of a restaurant chain who swore that every one of his employees were no good. "Even the district and shop managers didn't do the work" he lamented. I disagreed and replied, "They are all trying their best." From the beginning, there was a disagreement.



To become a better consultant

So how did I know that the workers of the company I had only just visited were working hard?
It was because of my desire to become a strong on-site consultant.

From the desire I left my work in a major consultancy firm and started washing dishes at a ramen chain, in order to get a taste of the real situation.
The shop manager was on his own.

With the head office on one side and the shop on the other, he was being crushed by the pressure and day-to-day tasks. He was alone.
Can the management really be going to each store and seeing for themselves what the real situation is? No, that would be physically impossible.
So, if they aren't seeing the real picture, how can management so clearly decide that their staff aren't working hard and in turn, how can they create and inspire hard-working individuals?



A goodbye with a "thank you"

After a few quiet but hot hours of constant objections, we finally parted ways, with the manager simply saying "Thank you". It seems clear that he had never had an employee or even consultant say no to him. Like that of a dictator, everyone was afraid to oppose him.



Won't negotiate under any circumstances

For me, I had never had a case or client where the first meeting suddenly broke out into an argument.

However district managers, supervisors, shop managers and staff work their hardest every day, and that cannot be argued or negotiated.

At that point I could say that after having real experience of working in that type of shop. As the number of shops increase, it becomes difficult to oversee everything, then should performance and results worsen it becomes easy to lose faith in the people doing the work.



Results change with praise

When just starting a business or when you only have a handful of branches, when performance is increasing you will think "I will cherish those employees who make this all possible" and you will have a great deal of trust.
It all start with you.

Get down to the front lines with all those people working hard. If you give praise, people change. When people change, teams grow which is directly connected to those "number results".

The above mentioned companies sold 120% more than last year, in just three months! There are those who don't praise. They feel that there is no good time or place to do it and it makes them feel embarrassed

In terms of praise, my job is helping you feel stronger, and really showing your employees that you appreciate the work they do for you through the correct words.
After a few months of training, work performance will increase and putting faith into your employees will be possible again, all from your own words. I will show that there is nothing more valuable than that.