Praise-based management
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     If you start the Praise-based Management...

"Reduced recruitment costs"

After implementing Praise-based Management, a restaurant with three locations required no recruitment costs for 5 years and experienced an increase in sales of 3 millions yen a month.


"Teamwork Improved"

Following the introduction of Praise-based Management, there was a clear improvement in teamwork with a marked increase in people helping each other.


"Profit Developed"

"Thanks to Praise-based management, our staff are able to develop which is directly tied into the profit we make." - A Manager


"Good influence on new employees "

Within 2 weeks of starting work, the new employee was trying hard to please guests and making notes to remember the faces of important customers.


"It tells what the right thing"

Thanks to Praise-based Management, it's become clear how to properly praise employees and notice the right things.
Now we are able to have workers who want to work and who try hard on their own accord.